Vehicle Placard

Vehicle Placard

Part of camouflage is making yourself look like you’re supposed to be there. Some geocachers carry clipboards with them, others wear hardhats. I’m always amazed at how few people question me when I’m wearing an olive green hat. Somehow I look like a park employee. One man even thanked me for my surveying work while I was geocaching once!

This printable not only provides a bit of camouflage but also identifies who you are and what you’re doing. When people see a strange vehicle parked alongside the road, having a placard explaining what you’re doing will go a long way to relieve them of their suspicions.

Geocaching PlacardThe design has two text areas (the large white rectangles. One side is for “Vehicle/Owner Contact Information.” You can use this area to enter your name, address, even cellphone number if you’re comfortable with that. The other side simply says, “Geocache Identification.” Text can also be entered on this side, but the real purpose is for you to enter either the GC# for the cache or the coordinates themselves in this space.

To do that, lamination is essential. Once it’s laminated you can write on the placard with a dry erase marker and wipe it off when you return to the vehicle.

We don’t always think about what could go wrong when we’re geocaching, but even a quarter mile walk into the woods can turn into an emergency situation. All it takes is stumbling over one rock and breaking a leg and suddenly that simple hike becomes dangerous. Letting people know where you are is just plain smart. This design goes a long way towards both identifying what you’re doing and keeping you safe.

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