GeoCoin Buddy

GeoCoins have become an amazing phenomenon in the geocaching community! We create them, collect them, trade them and show them off. Just take a look at the coin table at the next event you attend. You’ll find geocachers from all walks of life showing off their collections and writing down tracking numbers to get that latest greatest icon.

The GeoCoin Buddy sheet provides you with several forms for coins you release into the wild as well as coins you give away. The form at the top is for recording logging and goal information, similar to a travel bug’s info sheet. It also provides room to record the tracking number, which is especially helpful to those with older eyes.

The two forms below are for coins you give away either as gifts or FTF prizes. They simply make those gifts a little nicer and easier to keep track of.

These small sheets are designed to fit inside the pocket found on many transparent coin sleeves (or simply in the sleeve itsefl). Enter the information in the spaces provided, print and cut and fold them along the guides.

GeoCoin Buddy

Download the GeoCoin Buddy Form