Bison Tube Log

To the rest of the world, a bison tube is most familiar as a pill holder. I can’t imagine whatBison Tube muggles must think when they stumbled across one at a park or parking lot. When I’ve used them I’ve tried wrapping a small sticker around the outside that simply says “GEOCACHE” or gives the website address. It certainly can’t hurt to take an extra moment or two to defuse (sometimes literally) the situation.

I’ve abbreviated the stash note text to just the essentials here. This item is called a “GEOCACHE,” it’s part of a game and here’s the website address if you’d like to know more information. I think that should satisfy anyone who accidentally stumbles across a bison tube.

This sheet prints out in either a 8.5″x11″ letter size or 8.5″x14″ legal sheets for maximum log space.

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