Match Safe Log

Matchstick Safe Stash NoteMatch safe sales must have gone through the roof since the advent of geocaching! These little guys are perfect for micro caches. They’re small, but not too small and come with a nice snug o-ring to keep them water tight. You can paint them, add magnets or hooks to them and wedge them into some great spots.

The match safe stash log sheet comes with a bit of official text at the top and room for your cache and contact info. I’ve created these to fit on legal-sized paper (8.5″x14″). As with other pdf’s, your information can be entered in by typing in the spaces available (or you can hand write it after printing). Cut the logsheet into three strips and staple it together.

Extra Tip: Roll the logsheet with the printed side facing out. This way the website address and contact information will be readily available to anyone who stumbles across your cache.

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