Downloads and Printables

Downloads & Printables

When I first began geocaching, I found myself explaining the game to many friends as well as strangers. I really wished there was some kind of brochure that I could hand people to introduce them to the game. I finally started working on one of my own. It was one of the first items released on this website.

Amazingly enough, I found that it was something other people had been wishing for too!

Let's Go Geocaching!Within weeks, the “Let’s Go Geocaching!” brochure had been downloaded thousands of times. In a few short moths requests began coming in for versions in other languages. It was very humbling and overwhelming.

The brochure continues to change, evolve and be translated. It also continues to be used by geocachers around the world to explain their passion as well as get them out of a few scrapes!

Those are some great stories too!

Stash notes, Logsheets & More!

Over the years I’ve had many request for a selection of downloadable and printable stash notes and logsheets for caches. I’ve finally been able to put together a small selection of these documents in .pdf format.

In this new section you’ll find standard stash notes as well as notes designed to fit more conveniently inside ammo box lids. You’ll also find a quick and easy logsheet that’s just the right size for 35mm film canisters.

And you’ll find some printables that will make your next event a little more fun.