Geocaching Takes You to the Coolest Places

On koneko’s recent visit we knew we wouldn’t have a lot of time to find many caches, so we chose a few that she needed to complete a challenge and threw in some fun ones just for good measure.

I’ll admit, I’m one of those people who defines fun caches by the length of the hike and the size of the ammo box. Those are my favorites, but sometimes something comes along that just blows all that away.

Just off Interstate 70, as you’re passing through Vandalia, Illinois you’ll come across GCHWFZ and the amazing Great Kaskaskia Dragon. You’ll also find a fairly typical roadside micro, hidden in an magnetic tin, somewhere on the dragon.

I can’t give too much away, can it?

But this is more than just a roadside micro, this is a very cool destination that will well be worth one of your “Favorites” points and earn a few “WOW’s! from your kids. The dragon stands tall and menacing and for a mere buck purchase from the liquor store next door, you can make him breath fire (or head home with a cool Dragon Token souvenir)


For more info, check out the write up on Roadside America. Or, for a bit of fun, check out the video we shot while visiting The Dragon.

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