Emergency Logbooks

One of the resources that seems to get a lot of use here are the little Emergency Logbook pdfs. It’s always very cool for me when I pop open a cache container and find one of these logbooks inside!

Recently, JCMTL1 contacted me about translating these into French and bilingual French/English versions. These are now available for download at the link above.

Thanks to JCMTL1 for the great work! And thank you for using them!


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Geocaching Takes You to the Coolest Places

On koneko’s recent visit we knew we wouldn’t have a lot of time to find many caches, so we chose a few that she needed to complete a challenge and threw in some fun ones just for good measure.

I’ll admit, I’m one of those people who defines fun caches by the length of the hike and the size of the ammo box. Those are my favorites, but sometimes something comes along that just blows all that away.

Just off Interstate 70, as you’re passing through Vandalia, Illinois you’ll come across GCHWFZ and the amazing Great Kaskaskia Dragon. You’ll also find a fairly typical roadside micro, hidden in an magnetic tin, somewhere on the dragon.

I can’t give too much away, can it?

But this is more than just a roadside micro, this is a very cool destination that will well be worth one of your “Favorites” points and earn a few “WOW’s! from your kids. The dragon stands tall and menacing and for a mere buck purchase from the liquor store next door, you can make him breath fire (or head home with a cool Dragon Token souvenir)


For more info, check out the write up on Roadside America. Or, for a bit of fun, check out the video we shot while visiting The Dragon.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

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Caching with Jenn and Bret

Just about anytime koneko comes for a visit we end up shooting a video or two of us caching. It’s mostly just for our entertainment, but it’s always nice to see a few views get racked up on YouTube and Facebook.

Last week, Jenn flew in for what was supposed to be a one day stay. Weather conspired against us and we ended up getting to play a little longer. Thankfully, though, we shot this video the first day, before the weather turned nasty.

I’ve had this idea for a while to shoot an epic, dramatic caching video. The timing and the elements all came together and this proved to be a lot of fun. Please enjoy!

As always, if you like it, please give it a “thumbs up” on YouTube. Those ratings really help get the video out there for more people to enjoy. And feel free to share it with your favorite social networking sites.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

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Local soldier’s hobby helps save lives in Iraq

Read about how a soldier credits his geocaching experience with providing him with the skills he needs to see “things that are meant to be unseen.”


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Burnout – When It’s Just Not Fun Anymore

Burnout: When It's Just Not Fun AnymoreWe’ve all seen it happen. One too many micros, one too many cache runs, one too many street lamps that look exactly like the last street lamp. What happens when a cacher burns out?

Check out Burnout – When It’s Just Not Fun Anymore on Geocacher U

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Welcome Back to Geocacher University!

Be careful! The paint’s still wet!

The site has been redesigned into a blog format, but the resources and downloads are still here, along with several articles. Keep watching for more content and new stuff!

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